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EV Charger Installation in Rossendale

T Waller Electrical Services Ltd specialise in EV charger installation in Rossendale and the surrounding areas, including domestic, commercial and public sector installations.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

With the popularity of Electric Vehicles on the rise, not to mention the recent technological upgrades in style, affordability, and practicality, many of you are now the proud owners of EVCs. In order to better serve you and ensure that all of your electrical needs are met, T Waller Electrical Services Ltd now offers Electric Vehicle Charging Station installation and upgrades. All of our electricians at T Waller Electrical Services Ltd have been comprehensively trained to professionally install and or upgrade your Electric Car (EVC) Charging Stations in both your home or place of business. So regardless of whether you’ve recently purchased your very first EV and want to be sure you’re all set with your new charging station, our your a veteran owner who is looking to upgrade to the most efficient, affordable charging station on the market, we can help you install the perfect car charging station for your needs.

Our Electric Car Charger Installation Process

First, we have to verify the type of EV you have, and then diagnose the electrical distribution board in your home or business. This is done to be sure the distribution board is able to support the charging station, which will avoid any damage or hazards to the system, vehicle, or home. Upgrades may need to be made in ensuring your car charger is compatible with the specs of your electrical system. If you have already purchased the car charger, one of our or licensed electricians can install everything for you to ensure it is done safely and up to the latest standards. If you have not yet selected a car charger, we are able to offer our expertise to help you find the charger that matches your brand of vehicle charging needs. Before installing the car charging station, our T Waller Electrical Services Ltd team will inlay a new dedicated circuit for the electrical distribution board connected to your car charging station, as well as a new circuit breaker in your distribution board. This is where we determine whether your current electrical distribution board can handle the new electrical load added by the charging station, or if we need to make any upgrades should the distribution board be insufficient. Once the car charging station installation is complete, we will double check the system to make sure everything is functioning properly and safely no matter what make or model.

Commercial EV Charging Installations

As more and more individuals make the move towards using an electric vehicle, the demand for on-the-job charging is also starting to increase, so why not do right by your employees and the environment by deciding today to have an electric vehicle installed on your premises?

For workplaces that have already decided to take the leap and transition their fleet of vehicles from regular to electric, installing a charging station is an essential step in this process.

Public Sector Charging Installations

Looking to add or improve the public EV charging options in your area? In line with the governments initiative to encourage the uptake of electric vehicles, at eFaraday, we’ll work with you to design an EV solution to facilitate the on-street EV charging both in residential roads, high-streets and local authority car parks and facilities.

Currently, residents can only install their own EV charge point if they own the property and have private off-street parking. But what about all of those who don’t have access to off-street parking or rent their property? There’s a big opportunity for councils and local authority to provide and monetise public EV charging within their local areas. 

We go above and beyond to offer you flexibility and a smooth process when introducing an EV charge point system to your local area. We offer total support of the ORCS grant (saving you 75% on each unit) a bespoke system design, equipment installation, 24/7 monitoring and ongoing maintenance of all your EV charge points.

Hire a Rossendale Professional

The installation of EV charging stations in Rossendale calls for professionalism, education and experience. It is certainly not a task for a novice or a ‘cowboy’ contractor.

Since 2005, UK law has required all home owners to hire a Part P registered electrician to handle crucial domestic work. If home-owners neglect to do this, they’ll undoubtedly come up against problems when they try to sell the home.

Why choose us for EV Charger Installation in Rossendale?

As proud members of NICEIC – the government approved register of electrical installers – our company is qualified and covered with insurance to work in all building sectors. We’re also a Part ‘P’ registered company which provides further qualification for all domestic electrical works.

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